Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rumah Shalom.

The house is located at Puchong, a 20 minutes drive from Talylor's Lakeside University. 

Dating back to 1997, it was set up then to provide shelter for children. The children there came from all walks of life, mainly those who were raised by single mother's and came from broken homes. The children there are as young as 4 years old and the shelter will accommodate them till the age of 19.
Reverend S. Arulandu, or better known as Pastor Arul brought up Rumah Shelter. The intuition that initiated him to start up the shelter was a flashback of the time when he met some children that were mischievous and up to no good, some that were into petty crimes. Most of the people he knew gave up hope on those kids and couldn't be bothered much about the kids.

However. Pastor Arul sees them in a different light. 

He actually talks to them and tries to understand them. He believes that there is something good beneath every single child, it's just that they were brought up in a harsh and different environment, which is the reason why they were brought up and act differently from other kids. Basically, they were just misunderstood by the society and hence, they were not given the opportunity to prove themselves that they are better than what people percepts them to be.

Naturally, Pastor Arul have a passion for children, to educate them regardless of where they came from, so that they can grow up to be better people. So that is how the home was set up and it's already been providing the children care as well as education, to teach them self-worth and to be better citizens.  

Recently, a few of the Project Management team members visited the shelter. Most of the older children there were really friendly and introduce themselves, while the younger ones were quite shy and look timidly at us. We manage to warm things up by talking to them and playing Uno cards. 

Then, we met up with Pastor Arul and chit chat with him about Rumah Shalom while he goes through the Memorandum of Understanding. There is a certain light that ignite in him when he talks about the children and one can see from there how much is his love for them, especially when he talks about how he brings them up. It sure did made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

As we were leaving the place and saying bye to the children, I can't help but feel happy that I made someone's day that day just by making them smile and laugh when we played Uno :)

To anybody that is reading this post now, if you have any enquiries, fret not to ask us Project Management team about it.
You can also contact Pastor Arul by 012-2965979.

If you want to drop a visit to the shelter, the address is :
No, 1, Jalan Tiong 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Malaysia .



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